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Maritime Museum Of Crete

Maritime Museum Of Crete - Chania

Maritime Museum Of Crete

Chania Prefecture – Chania


Details / Information  Overview:

The Museum was inaugurated on the 27th May 1973, the date of the 32nd anniversary of the Battle of Crete.

It includes models of ships, various nautical instruments, and objects such as range finders, barometers, wind-gauges, course and speed abaci, torpedo firing computer, magnetic boat compasses, meteorological instruments, sextants, a plan sphere, torpedo-boat steering gear, etc. There are also paintings, portraits, authentic historic photographs, such as the raising of the flag of the Union of Crete with Greece in the Firka fortress at Chania, on the 1st December 1913, etc. Also exhibited, are relics, such as uniforms and other memorabilia which belonged to the heroic dead of the Greek Navy, guns that had been used in the war of 1912-13, etc.

All the exhibits from the naval tradition of Greece are classified according to their historical periods, that is: Bronze age-Classical and Hellenistic (2800 BC-6th century AD). Venetian Period (1200 AD to the 17th century), Byzantine and post-Byzantine period (650 AD to the 18th century), the period of the Ottoman rule-the struggles for Independence (1650-1909), the Balkan Wars (1912-1913), World War II (1940-1944), the post-War period (after 1944).

Address  Address:

Akti Kountourioti, Chania 73136

Location (City, Village, Area)  Location:


Telephone number  Telephone:

(+30) 2821091875

Fax number  Fax:

(+30) 2821074484

E-mail address  E-mail:

[email protected]

Website Url Url:

Operating Period  Operating Period:


Operating Days & Hours  Operating Days & Hours:

Summer (16th April – 31st October):
Daily: 09:00-17:00 + Sunday: 10:00-18:00

Winter (1st November – 15th April):
Daily: 09:00-17:00

The Museum is closed on Public Holidays

Admission Fee  Admission Fee:

•  General admission: 3,00 €
•  Student-Reduced ticket: 2,00 €

Notes  Notes:

• Not suitable for wheelchairs
• Parking 5 min walk
• Reception/small shop



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