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Museum Of Traditional Life & Popular Culture Of Crete ‘Lychnostatis’

Museum Of Traditional Life & Popular Culture Of Crete 'Lychnostatis'

Museum Of Traditional Life & Popular Culture Of Crete ‘Lychnostatis’

Heraklion Prefecture – Chersonissos (Port)


Details / Information  Overview:

The Museum “Lychnostatis” is an autonomous private foundation, operating since July 1992. In March 1994, the Association of Members of the Museum was established, to support the museum’s future initiatives and obtain sponsorships and grants. Two more bodies, a Scientific Committee and an Organising Committee, composed of academics, artists, and businessmen, provide valuable advice in the museum’s development.

The museum has its origins in a private collection formed over a period of thirty years by Giorgos Markakis, professor of ophthalmology, lecturer, and writer. The vast work of construction was carried out in seven years (1986-1992) by all five members of the Markakis family and three local workers, on a volunteer basis, together with a bank loan. The buildings themselves are some of the main exhibits.

Built thoroughly with the prevalent raw materials (stone-wood-clay), under the creative architectural improvising of the founder, they possess an aesthetic quality unique in the area. No bulldozers, excavators or other mechanical means have been used in the construction. The collections are broad in scope, from agricultural implements to embroideries and from herbs to rhymes. The approach is by no means intellectual; all exhibits are left to speak for themselves, and visitors are allowed to touch objects and encouraged to smell and taste the various plants, fruits, and products of the museum. Compatible with this both emotional and hospitable atmosphere, it is the museum’s policy to welcome with free admission all visitors who come for a second visit. Free guided tours are available every hour in English, Deutsch, Dutch (also French on request) to provide accurate information to the large number of tourists who visit the museum.

Address  Address:

Chersonissos (Port), GR-70014

Location (City, Village, Area)  Location:

Chersonissos (Port), Heraklion

Telephone number  Telephone:

(+30) 2897023660 or (+30) 2810242312

Fax number  Fax:

(+30) 2897024674

E-mail address  E-mail:

[email protected]

Website Url Url:

Operating Period  Operating Period:


Operating Days & Hours  Operating Days & Hours:

Require prearrangement

MON-FRI & SUN: 09:00-14:00

Admission Fee  Admission Fee:

• General admission: 5,00 €
• Children up to 4 years old: 2,00 €
• Students: 3,00 €
• Groups (more than 10 persons): 4,5 € per person

Notes  Notes:

• Parking area
• Little store selling souvenirs
• Cafeteria



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