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Archaeological Site Of Trypitos

Archaeological Site Of Trypitos (Sitia)

Archaeological Site Of Trypitos (Sitia)

Lasithi Prefecture – Sitia


Details / Information  Overview:

On a small headland called Trypitos, 3km to the east of modern Sitia lies a city of the Hellenistic period (middle of 4th – middle of 1st century B.C.), most probably identified with the ancient city of Eteia.

A Hellenistic dockyard has been uncovered at the east coast of the headland. It is known that in 1960 the owners of the land created plots for cultivation using digging machines which caused severe damage to the buried antiquities.

Since 1987 a systematic excavation has been conducted by the Ephorate of Antiquities, under the direction of N. Papadakis.

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Sitia, Lasithi

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(+30) 2841022462

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(+30) 2841025115

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