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Archaeological Site Of Palaikastro

Archaeological Site Of Palaikastro (Sitia, Lasithi)

Archaeological Site Of Palaikastro (Sitia, Lasithi)

Lasithi Prefecture – Palaikastro


Details / Information  Overview:

At the northernmost edge of the eastern coast of Crete lie the ruins of a settlement that flourished during the Late Minoan period (1550-1220 B.C.).

The site of the Minoan settlement, called Roussolakkos, was excavated by R.C. Bosanquet and in 1906 by R.M. Dawkins, both members of the British School of Archaeology at Athens. The excavated sectors of the settlement suffered destruction during the Second World War and much later, by a digging machine. In 1965-66 excavations were conducted in part of the settlement and on the neighboring hill of Kastri. In 1986 excavations were resumed by the British School of Archaeology and are still in progress.

At the same site, however, are preserved remains of the Early and Middle Minoan periods (3000-1550 B.C.), mostly cemeteries with well-built ossuary and ruins of spacious houses.

The site ceased to be inhabited at the same time when Zakros was abandoned (1450 B.C.) but was reoccupied during the Late Minoan III period (1300-1200 B.C.).

The city covered a total area of more than 50,000 sq.m., was densely inhabited but not fortified.

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Palekastro, Lasithi

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