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Archaeological Site Of Archanes

Archaeological Site Of Archanes Crete

Archaeological Site Of Archanes (Fourni) Crete

Heraklion Prefecture – Archanes Heraklion


Details / Information  Overview:

Excavations at Fourni have brought to light 26 buildings, most of which had funerary use. The cemetery was used from 2400 B.C. until 1200 B.C. and each complex had more than one architectural phase. Most of the funerary buildings were used for many decades and contain successive burials.

Excavations were begun in 1964 by Efi and Yannis Sakellarakis and have been continued until today (1995) with short interruptions. Most of the buildings are preserved in good condition.

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Archanes, Heraklion

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(+30) 2810226470

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[email protected]

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Open after agreement with the Ephorate

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• Free Entrance

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