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Archaeological Site Of Apodoulou

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Archaeological Site Of Apodoulou

Rethymnon Prefecture – Apodoulou


Details / Information  Overview:

Remains of an extensive center of the Old Palace period (1950-1700 B.C.) have been discovered, at the site called Gournes, near the village of Apodoulou, at the west foot of Psiloritis mountain. The site dominates the Amari valley and controls the main route to the Messara plain.

Excavations have brought to light three building complexes while dome tombs of the Post palatial period (1380-1200 B.C.) have also been located in the adjacent area.

The first excavations on the site were carried out by S. Marinatos in the 1930s. In the wider region have been located vaulted graves of after-palace years (1380-1200 eg).

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Municipality Kouriton, Rethymnon

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