Crete in 2nd place of Greek beaches!

Greece ranks in second place globally among 47 countries, with 519 Blue Flag beaches. Out of the total number of countries that participate in the program, Greece has 12 percent of total awards. The top area in Greece, for this year again, with 89 flags is Halkidiki.

The international committee awarded this year 3,687 beaches, 679 marinas and 55 tourist boats across the world.

Crete is in the 2nd place in Greece with all most the quarter of them…

113 beaches with blue flags!

In regards to the criteria of the program, that relates to how clean beaches and coasts are, the organisation of the beach, the security of visitors, the protection of nature and environmental sensitivity.

According to The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, the national operator of the Blue Flag program, the blue flag is the most recognizable ecological symbol in the world.

Click HERE to check-out analytical map with all beaches.


Source: amna-mpa